Mapledean Developer commercial Who we serve commercially

Mapledean Homes have experience across the range of potential commercial and industrial building projects. This has been built up over the last 30 years and is typically outside of their focus on house-building and renovation, but can draw upon the key skills and craftsmanship employed there. The exception to this is where we work directly for a developer, who is creating a small number of houses, typically up to five.

Our commercial clients are drawn from the developers of residential and commercial properties, industrial and agricultural businesses and education and schools. From these clients, the range of potential projects is significant. It could include:

  • New build of industrial, educational or leisure related buildings as well as housing.
  • Refurbishment of existing manufacturing or office premises or hotels
  • Repair either in planned maintenance or ad hoc when disaster happens
  • Enhancement such as the creation of dedicated disabled access or on buildings where traditional skills are needed.

Can we work together

Each of our commercial clients has a unique need. For some the work is discussed and quoted based purely on a response to tender. On others we are involved at the outset of the project at the feasibility stage and work closely with your architects to fulfil your vision.

This makes it hard to showcase the range of work we have done. So what we prefer to do is to discuss our experience relevant to your need and as appropriate develop that through to a specific quote.

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