How Mapledean Works with Architects

The choice of builders in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties to undertake extensions, conversions and new-builds is huge. A smaller number actively seek to work directly with architects and architectural designers because they can and have demonstrated the repeated ability to deliver the architect’s interpretation of the client’s vision to cost and time. Mapledean is one of that smaller number as it consistently delivers to high levels of satisfaction and delight.

Our Partnership Approach

Lots of companies talk about a partnership approach so what does Mapledean mean? We work with architects at all stages of the design and build process as trusted advisor whether that is:

  • initial design concepts,
  • through planning and
  • through the project management.

Our aim is to deal effectively with the issues that arise as quickly as possible to ensure that they are resolved to the satisfaction of all and consistent with the agreed design vision. Being involved at the outset of a project enables us to provide insight such as the issues of converting or renovating old buildings due to their probable construction or to advise on alternative approaches due to the constraints of the site or material intended to be used. Above all we understand that translating the architect’s vision into reality is key.

Where We Work With Architects

While architectural designers tend to be local, increasingly architects tend to have clients spread across the region of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Bristol. Our aim is to work with a small number of architects on a repeated basis. This enables us both to understand how the other works to achieve the best results. For our current architect partners, Mapledean is happy to be their builder of choice on sites further afield than our Gloucestershire base.

Types Of Project Delivered

Working with architects we are typically the builder for:

  • Domestic including new-build, extension and conversion
  • Commercial typically smaller scale where there are site constraints
  • Developer, small scale house-building from a single unit up to 5 buildings
  • Institutional such as churches, college and schools where they are extending, maintaining or responding to changing needs such as accessibility.

How Mapledean As Builders Works With Architects

Our work is relationship based so if you are at the early stage of a project or indeed have no project at all, please send us an email to arrange a suitable time to talk. If you are at quote stage, then please email the tender specification and we’ll call you!