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Building Conversions when to talk to Mapledean

With a limitless budget it is technically possible to convert virtually anything into a building with a new purpose, but it still might not pass planning or be worth the cost. While a good building conversion will add value to your property; a poor one can add no value at all and in some cases make it virtually worthless.

Two key questions on any conversion include:

  • What do you wish to retain
  • What is it necessary to retain

While the former is set by personal taste the latter is more important, which is where Mapledean can advise alongside your architect and structural surveyor. The reality on any conversion is dealing with the way the building was originally constructed and the compromises made by the original builder. Mapledean takes the original drawings and builds conversions as close as is practical to that vision in accord with your budget. Talking and reviewing early avoids later costly mistakes.

Home conversions

Other planning considerations before converting a building include consent where the building has remained empty or derelict, or is a change of purpose and design. On barn conversions it is usually not possible to change the roofline, openings or use other than original materials. This means the use of dormer windows is not possible and roof windows limited, while the entry and exit points are constrained by the original purposes not the intended use.

Loft conversions by creating a third storey may become subject to additional fire regulations such as self-closing doors on the second floor. Mapledean are used to dealing with and overcoming these type of issues.

Creating workspace

Converting a standalone building to commercial space for rent by others or changing an outhouse to a home office are both types of building conversion jobs Mapledean have previously undertaken in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. In the same way as home conversions, it’s our combined understanding of your design which enables it to be built cost effectively and fit for purpose.

How can Mapledean Homes help you?

Converting a building throws ups a wide range of issues. Some are known from the outset, others emerge through the building process. With over 15 years of building experience in Gloucestershire and the three shires, Mapledean has the team and knowledge to overcome these building conversion issues and to realise your vision.

Please call 01594 541148 to arrange an initial discussion with Neil and the team.