Building Repairs

Building and Home Repairs

While most homeowners will tackle minor building repairs themselves, sometimes those home repairs are more significant or are the result of an insurance claim and are best left to the professionals like Mapledean.  Our experience enables us to do the repairs and our knowledge the insurance paperwork without creating more problems or avoidable mess.

Repairs for Homeowners

Mapledean repairs most types of buildings from the traditional to the modern; from block and render to brick and stones; from the regular to those needing the traditional crafts. Clients ask us to undertake straightforward regular maintenance work to prevent the creation of major future problems; or we create a programme which allows them to manage their ongoing budget to restore their home; or we respond quickly to storm damage to prevent its escalation.

General Home Maintenance

As a builder, Mapledean’s expertise in general home maintenance is for smaller jobs where we can apply our experience in traditional methods and the understanding of older buildings to resolve them cost effectively. While we can undertake general small-scale home maintenance on more modern properties, we will typically refer you to others who specialise in these types of jobs.

Larger Home Repairs

For larger home repairs, age or type of property is not a major concern for Mapledean as we are able to deploy our expertise in:

  • Roofing from leaks and loose tiles to full-scale renovation including chimney-stacks
  • Damp whether caused by rising damp or poorly maintained guttering or the after-effects of damp with dry rot.
  • External and internal joinery be that cracked or warping soffits or cladding.

Home Catastrophes

When catastrophe strikes the home with wind, flood and fire, we can respond without fuss to the insurance process. We are experienced with insurance companies and are used to working with loss adjusters and to enabling the correct processes to be followed. You can call Mapledean either at the initial protection stage to prevent further damage or at the later restoration stage, when you might need a quote agreed before the repair can proceed.

Next Step for Home Repairs

For general home maintenance, larger home repairs and second stage insurance, the process whatever the size would be a visit to discuss your needs followed by a quote. Where we are responding to prevent a disaster spiralling into a catastrophe, we try to give a reliable cost estimate at the earliest opportunity of the costs of that response. If you want Mapledean to help you restore your home or outbuilding to its former glory please call us on 01594 541148.