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New build homes for small developers or self-builders

Over the last five years, new build housing starts have been low as developers have been unable to finance the larger estates and a slow housing market has deterred the smaller developer. The more recent upturn in the market and in confidence along with increasing house prices, is injecting life into small scale home building.

Home Builders

Mapledean has always preferred to work with small scale developers of 3-4 homes. So if you are building a large estate of similarly designed houses, we are not the builders for you. If however you have some bespoke designs, where the quality of the build externally and internally is important at a cost effective price then let’s talk.

Equally we work with individuals who want to self-build, but need a builder to get them to the shell or the first fix point after which you can take over. Combining your plan with our knowledge and building experience will enable your vision to become reality.

Building for Profit

For the small scale developer unlike the self-builder, the greatest skill is to maximise profit without reducing the quality of the build and landscaping, which enables the quick sale of the finished property. Here we draw upon our own experiences of small scale home-building development in Gloucestershire as well as for clients. The combination of the following enables a profitable outcome:

  • understanding of the local market,
  • sympathetic development of sites,
  • expert sourcing and
  • the building trades

Considerations for self-builders

Self-builders need to be prepared for more complex projects than those seeking to extend a building. At the outset self-build project needs to consider:

  • Planning regulations as applied locally
  • Project management
  • Building regulations
  • Design
  • Construction type whether that is timber frame, brick and block and/or green and eco-build.
  • Finance and cashflow

When the initial considerations are fulfilled and the project is able to begin then the full self-build begins and the decisions taken as to what might or must be contracted out to others. These include:

  • Clear site and create access
  • Set out and dig foundations including arranging piling if necessary
  • Pour concrete so that almost out of the ground
  • Build whatever construction type
  • Create roof structure and tile
  • Make weather tight including installing windows and doors or shuttering
  • Fix rain water fittings and externally decorate before removing scaffolding. Shell complete.
  • First fix on internal carpentry, plumbing and electricity. A typical handover point for our self-build clients.
  • Plaster ceilings and walls. Lay hard floors.
  • Connect to services.
  • Second fix on carpentry, plumbing and electricity
  • Decoration and ceramic tiles
  • Landscape, pathways and driveways
  • Arrange Building Regs inspections at the appropriate times and final sign off
  • Snagging checklist. The handover point for our small development clients.

When to talk to Mapledean

We like to talk early to potential new build clients to help them save time and money by ensuring that their plans can be achieved on the plot they wish to develop. We are more than happy to help before a contract to build is put out to tender as our experience shows that you are more likely to end up either with greater profit or the home of your dreams.